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Afghanistan vs pakistan world cup 2023

Pakistan Is losing Word Cup 2023?

If Pakistan is losing world cup 2023 there are some reason which are prominent

Poor Fielding And Bowling

Pakistan Is losing Word Cup 2023? Pakistan have been sloppy in the field, dropping catches, misfielding, and conceding extra runs. Their bowlers have also been inconsistent, some bowlers are still in backup for example; Zaman Khan but Babar Azam doesn’t want to take any chance to change the team members. Pakistani bowlers were good in Asia 2023 in the beginning but with many travelling from Sri Lanka to Pakistan and back to Sri Lanka made them so much tired to recover. Babar Azam should take chances and add some new fast bowler like Azam Khan, Ahsan Ullah to add on the team to play for World Cup. There were also not disciplined team work on the ground. Can it be Pakistan is losing word cup 2023?

Lack Of Confidence And Aggression

Pakistan have been playing with a defensive mindset, lacking the confidence and aggression to chase big targets or defend low scores. They have been too cautious and tentative, allowing the opposition to dominate them. They have also been unable to handle the pressure and expectations of their fans and media. Pakistan Team is playing old version of cricket which is defensive cricket. Era has changed and now modern cricket is all about taking risk and play attack cricket. Pakistani team has to change their mindset and follow the modern cricket as needed.

Inexperienced And Underperforming Players

Pakistan have been relying on some inexperienced and underperforming players like Fakhar Zaman and Imam Ul Haq who have not been able to deliver in the big stage even Pakistan team have Shoaib Malik, Umer Akmal and other talented players. Some of their key players, such as Babar Azam, Shaheen Afridi, and Hasan Ali, have been out of form or injured. They have also been unable to find the right combination and balance of their team.

Pakistan Is losing Word Cup 2023
Pakistan Is losing Word Cup 2023 ?

Lack Of Captaincy

Babar Azam stands as a prominent figure, having two half-centuries on the
grand stage of the World Cup. However, his stewardship skills have been subject
to intense scrutiny, with critiques pointing towards a perceived lack of
assertiveness in his field placements.

The local media consistently echoes allegations, accusing him of displaying
favoritism in the selection process, thereby casting shadows over his
leadership decisions. Babar Azam says he is comfortable with the same players
and can get good results. Babar Azam is still confident to move ahead to take
position on to the next level of world cup 2023.

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