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Pakistan vs New Zealand 3rd T20 March

Pakistan Vs new Zealand | 3rd T20 match highlights |2024| Pak Vs NZ

Pakistan vs New Zealand 3rd T20 Match Highlights (2024)

Match Summary:

The video titled “Pakistan Vs New Zealand | 3rd T20 match highlights |2024| Pak Vs NZ” on the channel “nomifizi77” showcases an exciting T20 cricket match between Pakistan and New Zealand. The match, filled with powerful hitting and skillful bowling, was a display of T20 cricket at its best.

Key Moments:

  1. Finn Allen’s Dominance: Finn Allen of New Zealand played a remarkable innings, hitting boundaries with ease. His aggressive batting was a highlight, including a series of sixes that showcased his power and timing. Allen’s innings was a mix of aggression and skill, making it a memorable performance.
  2. Pakistani Bowling Efforts: The Pakistani bowlers, including Harris Rauf and Wasim, tried to counter the onslaught with varied bowling. There were moments of success, with Rauf picking up crucial wickets. However, the New Zealand batsmen seemed to have an answer for most of their tactics.
  3. New Zealand’s Record-Breaking Innings: New Zealand’s batting was not just about Allen; other batsmen like Conway and Mitchell also contributed significantly. The team set a record for the most sixes in a T20 innings, showcasing their dominance in the match.
  4. Pakistan’s Response: In response, Pakistan’s batting centered around Babar Azam, who played a steady innings. He reached his half-century, demonstrating his class and temperament. However, the New Zealand bowlers, including Ferguson and Phillips, managed to take crucial wickets, keeping the pressure on Pakistan.
  5. Fielding and Catches: The match also featured some excellent fielding efforts from both sides. Notable catches and ground fielding added to the excitement of the match.
Pakistan Vs new Zealand | 3rd T20 match highlights |2024|

Scoreboard Summary:

  • New Zealand Innings: Featured a record-breaking number of sixes, with Finn Allen playing a standout innings.
  • Pakistan Innings: Revolved around Babar Azam’s half-century, but faced challenges against the New Zealand bowlers.


The match was a thrilling display of T20 cricket, with New Zealand’s batting prowess being the highlight. Finn Allen’s innings, in particular, was a masterclass in aggressive batting. Pakistan, despite a solid effort, faced an uphill battle against the high-scoring New Zealand side. The match was a fine example of the excitement and dynamism that T20 cricket offers.

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